Links to other visual artists.


Community Arts Workshop, Santa Barbara, CA 

Society for Photographic Education 

Focus on the Masters Archive & Library 


Chuck Place Food Photography 

Hipstamatic iPhone Camera App Home Site 

Color Services Lab for Histamatic Printing 

Internet Radio Interview with David 

Lawrence Anderson, Los Angeles, California 

Tim Bradley, Pasadena, California 

Bruce Burkhardt, Santa Barbara, California 

Randy Duchaine, Brooklyn, New York 

Rolfe Horn, Bay Area, California 

Adam Jahiel, Story, Wyoming 

Peter Malinowski, Santa Barbara, California 

Russ McConnell, Santa Barbara, California 

Daryl Peveto, Ventura, California 

Erhard Pfeiffer, Venice, California 

Anacleto Rapping, Thousand Oaks, California 

Bill Robbins,Santa Barbara, California 

Robert G. Smith, Ventura, California 

Joyce Tenneson, New York, City New York 

Joyce Wilson, Santa Barbara, California 

Custom Wood Furniture 

John Spivey, Santa Barbara, California 


Michael Speaker, Minneapolis, MN 

Richard Pankratz, Monument, Colorado 

Watercolor Artists 

Martha Shilliday